Why Massage Therapy

There are benefits to be accomplished from a Massage Therapist through massage therapy remedies. Whether your desire is to get a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle strain or attain respite from pain that is continual, a massage may improve your feeling of physical and psychological well-being. Massage therapy may be an essential component of your wellness care plan by: eliminating or reducing pain, enhancing mobility, enhancing drainage, lowering tension. Massage therapy might be used for treating acute and chronic ailments or as palliative care treatments. Massage Therapists today use their understanding of anatomy and physiology to unite a few other therapeutic techniques to treat their clients.

There has been a wide selection of research, published in peer reviewed journals listing conditions for which massage therapy can be helpful. This list isn't exhaustive, but covers many common conditions. Stress and depression - Asthma and Emphysema - Back, leg, and neck discomfort - Cancer signs - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Chronic Fatigue syndrome - Dislocations - Fibromyalgia - Fractures and edema - related ailments like arthritis and bursitis - Headache - Kyphosis and Scoliosis - Insomnia - Parkinsons disease - Multiple sclerosis - Palliative care - Muscle strain and spasm - childbirth and labor Support - Post surgical rehab - Strain and sprains - Sports injuries - Stroke - Stress and associated with stress ailments - Temporo-mandibular Disorders - Tendonitis - Whiplash - Massage Therapy might also be used as component of a preventative care plan (Including sports training, injury prevention, ongoing anxiety management, and more).

Your therapist will develop a treatment plan according to your needs. The treatment plan may be changed at after assessing progress. You've no obligation to participate in any component of treatment. Your treatment begins after you have given your informed consent. Intrigued in massage for pregnancy and labor? Walker Hands Massage has you covered.



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