“How long will the benefits of this massage last?”

I feel like this question comes out before most new clients say, "Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is ______." Answering this question before meeting a new client during a telephone conversation is the best way to set UNrealistic expectations.

Deep Tissue Massage

You have to remember that we all respond differently to a treatment. One person may take ibuprofen and feel the effects within the hour. However, another person may have to take more before feeling anything. Whenever possible, I generally advise avoiding stressed environments...including work right after a massage.

Here is a look at deep tissue massage and key things to take into consideration in regards to its effects.

Deep tissue

This is not where you want to start if this is your first massage. I would also take into consideration how long it has been since your last massage and the regularity of which you receive massages. The longer it has been, the longer you will probably feel uncomfortable for days that follow your first deep tissue before you start feeling the actual benefits. Depending on your habits, you may feel exactly the same as before you got a massage after a week. Your frame of mind will be the deciding factor. Meaning that if you take an active role in creating healthier habits, the benefits of the treatment will last longer. That being said, we always try to recommend stretches and exercises that are easy to remember and can be done within the comfort of your home or office.

From experience, I saw a customer be relatively pain- and tension-free for about one to two days after her first few sessions. Now, she is good for almost 1 month. However, she still comes in every 2 weeks...alternating between deep tissue and hot stones. Most clients agree that one massage a month is not enough to manage their stress and tension and that a three-week gap between sessions is realistic and cost-effective for them.

Long term benefits of massage

It is worth remembering that massage has also longer-term effects: in fact, regular massage treatments can make you feel more focused, help you sleep better at night and deal with life’s big and small problems with a calmer attitude.


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