The Best Massage Therapy Music

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Massage therapy is very effective...especially when accompanied by music that allows you to relax. It establishes a calm, relaxing atmosphere while blocking out external noises.

Selecting the best music can be hard. At least, it was for me. When I first started massaging, I would ask my customers what they liked best. Across time I found that everyone share a similar interest. 'The need to feel comfortable and to just relax.' However, it isn't that easy or you would not be reading articles about how to increase customer satisfaction. The real question is: 'What music flows best with the flow of my massage?' Sometimes, that can be classical, ocean noises, new age, rain forests, white noise, brown noise, and even hard rock (though I wouldn't suggest it unless the customer was okay with it.) You can't forget the customer, though.

So, your next question is: 'What flows with my massage and can provide a relaxing environment for the customer?' It may change for time to time, but you must always consider the customer. I remember one massage I received and the massage therapist told me they weren't going to play anything because it helped them keep their head clear and focused. That was pretty annoying. I thought to myself 'what about me?' It goes without saying, I have not went back there again.

Although a practitioner’s preference is important when choosing music, the client should be asked about their music preferences. There is a plethora of free sources to choose from. I have resorted to Pandora. With a premium account, you can design your own station of music that works best for you. I would suggest making a few least 1 for each modality you perform. If you are a client and do not like what your massage therapist has been using, I would suggest that you offer up a few suggestions and explain why. Or you could refer them to this post :-). because we have you covered at Walker Hands Massage!


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