Not every situation calls for a massage.

Today, the massage options vary from deep tissue to hot stone to Swedish massage for couples and even massage for energy healing (reiki). It does not matter what you decide is best for you. I am certain that you, alike many experts, will agree that massage is a good thing.

It increases blood flow to muscles. This delivers many benefits to the body like reducing

cortisol production and speeding up healing time. Though massage is great in many aspects, there are times when massage is not the answer. If you have an injury that caused bone damage like a slipped disc for, it would be more beneficial to avoid massaging those areas. Other factors also might make avoiding that area a good idea. When consulting your therapist, inform your therapist of things like eczema, rashes, skin allergies, etc.. Even though your therapist will know if it is locally or fully contraindicated, the best rule of thumb is to check with your doctor if you have any major medical issues before you lie on that beautifully set massage table.

Just remember that massage cannot 'fix you' in one session. It's not magic. It can take several massage sessions. We have you covered at Walker Hands Massage.



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